Irwin Strachan en Jeff Wouters sprekers op PowerShell Day UK

Twee van onze collegae, zowel Irwin Strachan als Jeff Wouters, zijn geaccepteerd als spreker op het PSDay evenement in de United Kingdom.

Irwin zal een sessie geven over:
* Power Classes for Ops transitioning to Dev
Feeling more Ops than Dev? Learning Power classes will definitely draw out the dormant Dev in you. Power Classes will give you that edge and have you feeling more Dev in no time. Join me on how to get started with Classes.

Jeff zal een sessie geven over:
* Powershell – Tips ‘n Tricks
During this session we’ll cover many little tips ‘n¬†tricks that few people know, but also some best practices that will enable to to get the best experience and performance¬†out of PowerShell. We’ll do this fast paces, but with lots of humor so you won’t fall a sleep or even want to check your phone.

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